Genius tries to take a selfie with python

What should someone do when they see a Python? I don't know about you and I am certainly not an expert on snakes but, if it were me, unless we are talking about the programming language, I would instantly cowardly run screaming like a baby. It seems like common wisdom is not so common and it is certainly not the path Ashok Bishnoi took. He ran towards the snake

When he saw the snake, our young hero had the brilliant idea to think it was wise to immortalize the moment by taking a selfie with a giant Python.... forgetting in the process how mortal he was.

Not only did the idiot attempt to strike multiple poses but he kept getting closer until at some point even the python went, wtf (in parseltongue of course). Seeing how affectionate Ashok was, the snake decided to give the poor candidate for the Darwin awards a kiss. As a result, Ashok was bitten in the neck.

Fortunately he survived and only his ego was bruised. But the question begs to be asked, how the heck did he think it was a brilliant idea in the first place? Maybe he got confused and he thought it was monty python. Maybe he thought it was a fashionable scarf. Maybe he thought he was immune to venom. I have no clue because I certainly would have run. Heck, I probably would have run before I actually got close enough to see the snake.

Whatever it was, I am glad he is alive and I certainly hope he has learned his lesson