Youn Elan, code weaver at large

    According to most sci fi movies, the view of the future is bleak... when it is not a post apocalyptic situation after a major catastrophe killing most people or an invasion by extra terrestrial entity, we make our own life impossible with our evolution in technology and government.

    Friendly Tomorrow is  is based on the premise that tomorrow's world will provide people on earth with an even better than life than we have today. This site will contain a digest of news giving a clue to where we are headed (although to be fair, since I am not Paul the octopus, I do not have any definite answer).

    However, with the evolution of technology for renewable energy, I can say our dependence on fossil fuels will gradually diminish. With our improvements in the health system, we will live longer and more confortably. With the privatisation of space technologies, we will gradually open a new era in travel.. with who knows replications of the international space station. With  the advent of nano technology, expect improvements across the board in all disciplines... from health to artificial vision.

    The 21st century will definitely be an interesting century, in a good way. The pages here are my predictions of the future as of December 2009 with a Timeline but also more specialized visions/thoughts of the future

    More than a decade later, it's interesting that even though not all turned out exactly as expected, the vision is mostly on track.

    Fifty years ago, computers were big machines taking up big rooms, needed to be programmed via punch cards, taking magnitudes of time more to perform the most basic calculations and displaying data on screen was not as common as having data printed out on noisy matrix printers. Today, when we watch the top of the line graphics in movies that came out 20 years ago, we may laugh at how rudimentary they appear... yet, at the time, they seemed extraordinary.

    We can't help but marvel at the evolution of computers. Today, even the most elementary cell phone packs more computing power than super computers back then. This raises an interesting question... in which direction is computing headed?
    How the future of computing goes, no one is certain. However, one thing is certain, computers will definitely help us towards a brighter tomorrow.