Coding In a startup environment

Sometimes coding in a startup environment feels like jungling a hundred balls that magically appear out of thin air at random places, some keep unexpectedly changing direction multiple times, other vanish occasionally and later reappear, others require reading a lengthy 1000 pages manual while you keep on juggling. All during that time, random people ask you to litterally drop other balls to handle their ball first and then wonder why other balls are on the ground. As balls move around, you realize that some balls are very fragile and they need a very long strip of scotch tape while others have impractical shapes so you have to trim them.

When you finally get a hang of things, someone points out you've been juggling with the wrong balls all along and you got to start completely from scratch and you only have got 30 seconds to all the new set of balls in the air or you get disqualified. All the while, you have to prepare powerpoint presentation about your progress juggling the balls, write documents explaining how to juggle balls, describing the size and shape of each individual ball, make sure your juggling strategy is optimal while reviewing other people's juggling strategy and that your juggling strategy is synchronized with your fellow neighbor juggler who seems to have a radically different approach to juggling. Meanwhile, someone will get a brilliant idea that maybe if you are having difficulties juggling, it is because you need a sense of rythm, so they decide to make everyone dance and turn off the light so that you can feel the rythm.

At that point, someone will point out that the reason you are not doing so good is that you have the wrong set of tools so as a result everyone is encouraged to juggle with pliers and a hammer. Someone will say that since those tools suck, we probably should try again with a gold screwdriver, a magnet and point to very interesting litterature about how powerful electro-magnets are in a port environment and suggest we magnetize the balls and write a program to control the magnetic field to assist you in juggling. He even postulates that with the right magnetic field, the balls may be able to juggle themselves

As a friend pointed out, the most awesome part though how somehow, things get done, shipped and everybody is happy